"Have you ever gone to a party or bar and not felt the right vibe? A feeling that you don't belong? And conversely, when you find the right group, you can unwind and lose yourself in the group? The crowd becomes its own thing, behaving differently than any single individual. The willingness and need for people to form a group is what my work is about.

I study crowd psychology. I fell in love with the crowds when I attended concerts with my parents as a young girl. I was always more interested in the people attending the event than by the event itself. I loved the vibration of the crowd and the constant movement of the color

If there is one thing that the viewer can use to help interpret this work, it is the notion that these paintings are self-portraits, and that I see the subjects within them as representations of my history, my daily life, and myself.

These paintings are photorealist, though they also exist in a world that is neither abstract or figurative. Up close, they are shapes, showing the vibrancy and individuality of the subjects. Only by looking back and gaining distance do you see the crowd"

- K.B.